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Adson Tissue Forceps 120 mm..
Adson Brown Forceps 120 mm..
Adson Forceps fine serrated 12.5cm..
Dissecting Forceps Cushing 200..
Dissecting Forceps Medium 140 mm..
Dressing forceps fine 14cm..
Debakey Atraumata Dissecting Forceps 15cm..
Debakey Forceps curved size 15cm, 2mm..
Dissecting Forceps Standard 140 mm 1x2 Teeth..
Dissecting Forceps Medium 140 mm 1x2 Teeth..
Adson Forceps fine 1 x 2 teeth..
Tissue forceps 1 x 2 teeth 14.5cm..
Bayonet Ear Forceps 12.5cm..
Bayonet Ear Forceps 14cm..
Bayonet Ear Forceps 16.5cm..
Maier Sponge Foeceps 265 mm..
Halsted Mosquito Artery Forceps 12.5cm curved..
Haemostatic Pean Forceps 14.5cm..
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